Sunday, 29.01.17 , written by Anja Schlicht Retired persons can only become compulsory health insurance for pensioners (KVdR) who have been at least 90 per cent statutory health insurance during the second half of their working life. Anyone who does not fulfill this requirement must pay for themselves voluntarily. But the government is now planning improvements. >

Regierung plant Änderungen Krankenversicherung für Rentner

If the costs for the health insurance eat up the pension

Many seniors who are privately or voluntarily covered by statutory health insurance are under financial pressure. Because the contributions for the health insurance devour a large part of their pension . Women in particular are burdened with this because they often have lower pension entitlements than men, for example because they have given up their work for the upbringing of children and subsequently only worked in mini and part-time jobs. In addition: Many pensioners make payments for voluntary health insurance unprepared. They were unaware that they would forfeit their claim to the KVdR if, for example, they had been privately insured for some time through their civil servants.

Weakened 9/10 scheme planned for health insurance

In order to become a mandatory health insurance member for pensioners , insured persons must have been insured for at least 9 / 10ths of their statutory health insurance in the second half of their working lives . It does not matter whether it is a voluntary, compulsory or family insurance. However, this regulation should now be defused, reports the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Therefore, a legislative initiative is planned for mid-February. This stipulates that in the future, child-raising periods of up to three years per child should be credited as a member of the statutory health insurance scheme.

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Legislative initiative to come in mid-February 2017

The new regulation could relieve persons, especially mothers, who only have a few years left to fulfill the requirements for the KVdR. As a member of health insurance for retirees, they would have to spend significantly less on their pension for voluntary health insurance . This is because all incomes, not just the pension as with the KVdR, are taken into account for the calculation of the health insurance contribution. In addition, the full contribution rate is due. In the case of the KVdR, however, the statutory pension insurance takes over half. However, voluntarily insured pensioners can apply for a contribution subsidy from their pension scheme. According to the German Pension Insurance, this amounts to 7.3 percent of the pension payment amount.

The planned adjustment, like the new regulations on maternity protection for private insured persons and changes for health insurances, is to be implemented with the Healing and Aid Provision Act.

Here you will find tips and further information on the statutory health insurance. >

Anja Schlicht

editorial staff

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